Porter Leath’s Comparison of Hollywood Casino to Connecticut Casinos

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Hollywood Casino Corp. has been a major online gaming business based in Dallas, Texas since 1983. It was purchased by Penn National Gaming in 2021 for a then-record $322 million. The purchase included its two casinos in Las Vegas and Macao. In 2021, it sold the remaining casinos to Capra Consulting Group LLC.

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In the last decade, Hollywood Casino has expanded to include an international operation with casino and live entertainment venues in Las Vegas, Macao, and Canada. Although many observers assumed that the sale of the two Las Vegas locations was designed to facilitate the entry of more gaming opportunities into the Los Angeles market, it appears that the acquisition of the Macao property was made in order to bolster the company’s presence on the global gambling circuit. Penn National Gaming has signed agreements with Macao’s Dusica Entertainment Centre and Kaiboobang, a Chinese owned casino, as well as additional gaming facilities in cities in the Caribbean such as St. Lucia and Antigua. In addition, the company is also working on deals in which it will launch two new casinos in the Dominican Republic.

Although Hollywood Casino is most famous for its high-quality table games, it is also well known for its live entertainment opportunities. In addition to its two flagship Las Vegas locations, it also owns two other live entertainment venues. The Hollywood Casino at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas and the Hollywood Casino at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas both offer slot machines, card games, and other live entertainment opportunities. In addition, in March 2021, Hollywood Casino was purchased by Resorts International and included in its roster of live entertainment partners in the Caribbean region.

Each of the Hollywood Casino locations is operated by a separate operator. The Bellagio site is operated by Resorts International while the Hollywood site is operated by Hollywood Casino. The companies do not share ownership of their casinos and despite the presence of a head man, Lucrative Gaming Partners, responsible for day-to-day operations, the two companies have the same control over the quality of their table games and other live entertainment offers. Lucrative Gaming Partners, in turn, receives profits from the sale of hollywood gaming licenses to other casinos.

In addition to the two main attractions, Hollywood Casino has developed a variety of activities for their customers. Among these include the Hollywood Casino Rewards Program. Through this program, Hollywood Casino guests are able to accumulate points that can be redeemed for free entrance into special theme park events, merchandise, food discounts, and much more. Additionally, players can accumulate point amounts by playing games including “pin the nose on the donkey,” “chess or bust,” and “bobbing for apples.” To encourage loyalty among its customers, Hollywood Casino offers a loyalty program that rewards them with bonus points for each deposit they make.

Although it may appear that there are similarities between the two gaming floor establishments, there are some clear differences as well. One obvious difference is the size of the casino floor. Although Hollywood Casino is considerably larger than the traditional New York City casinos, it is significantly smaller than the Connecticut casinos. Moreover, although there is no live casino onsite, the slot machines are housed in an onsite storage facility. Therefore, while both casinos offer different types of gambling experiences, the main differences between the two lie in terms of size, gaming options, gaming floors and customer service.

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