Porter Leath’s Tips For Winning at Casino Roulette

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Play Casino Roulette with the ultimate thrill of uncertainty! Feel lucky tonight! Now, you too can play Casino Roulette with absolute ease, any time, anywhere. Enjoy a totally unique experience, and bet without ever spending a single penny! Not only that, but there is absolutely no way to fail! This game of chance is both the best and the most dangerous of all!

casino roulette

In traditional roulette, a roulette wheel spins around a number, designated as a “pot”, whenever the ball rolls over the designated slot. A Roulette player who bets on the right number and time will win the pot. Thus, the ultimate goal of the game is to beat the dealer’s wheel! The wheel is guarded at all times by casino personnel and is never seen by non-players.

Unlike regular roulette, it is impossible to flip the odds. If you win a single spin, you’ve won regardless of whether or not other players on the roulette table have also bet. Thus, it is entirely dependent upon you which bets you make and whether or not the casino staff has raised the stakes at which they will sit. If you wish to place multiple bets, it is essential to know which the high card is prior to betting, for if it isn’t the highest, it’s not your night!

To start betting, simply choose the number(s) on the roulette wheel that you wish to place a bet on. Four numbers are generally the minimum number of bets that a player may place, though many more players enjoy the thrill of the chase and will bet even more than this. If you don’t already know how many numbers to bet on, the staff at the casino will assist you by placing the numbers in front of you on the roulette table. You can then mark them off with a pen, or mark them off with coins so that all bets are placed at the same boundary line.

Once you have chosen your number(s), place your bets. You are always required to pay out even money on bets made on the first three numbers, and even money on bets made on the fourth through the end of the game. Payout lies on the number of bets that were placed, not the actual amount of money wagered. This means that you are not “even” when making your bets, but rather “profit” or “loss”.

The simplest and most straightforward method for betting is a straight or pocket bet. A straight bet means that you place your stake in the middle of the winning circle. Pocket bets are the exact opposite, where you place your stake in the edge of the circle. A successful combination of these two strategies means that you should be able to come out with a profit of even money. Of course, the exact strategies will vary depending on the type of casino you are playing at and the amount you bet. You should check with a professional before choosing which type of bet to place on a particular casino and then study it closely so that you get the best chance of winning.

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